26-29 Sep 2017 Bordeaux (France)

Astrochemical conference KIDA2017

Best poster KIDA2017 winner is Sébastien Manigand (StarPlan / Niels Bohr Institute, University of CopenhagenDenmark) for his poster on "ALMA observations of oxygen-bearing complex organic molecules towards the low-mass protostellar binary IRAS 16293-2422".



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Scientific goal of the conference

Astrochemistry is a highly pluri-disciplinary field gathering scientists from astrophysics, physics and chemistry. As such, communication is not always easy and requires some efforts from each side. In this context, the KInetic Database for Astrochemistry (KIDA) was created several years ago to assemble the gas-phase chemical reactions and associated parameters used in the context of astrochemical numerical simulations. In 2016, the KIDA database was extended to include reactions at the surface of the grains.

To promote the field of astrochemistry and advertise the efforts made to improve the kinetic data for the interstellar medium, we organize workshops bringing together the different fields of research.

The KIDA 2017 Astrochemical conference will take place in Bordeaux from September 26th to 29th, 2017. Four research topics will be addressed:


Gas-phase processes

Heterogeneous chemistry and the interactions of the gas phase with grain surfaces.

Astrochemical observations

Astrochemical modelling


Each of these topics will be introduced by an introductory talk for non experts. 


Link to the book of abstracts.


July 27th: Contributed talks have been selected (see list of speakers below), you can still register until August 31st


Important dates

October 15th, 2016: First annoucement

Mid-march, 2017: Second annoucement and opening of registration

July 10, 2017: End of abstract submission

End of July, 2017: Annoucement of the selected talks and posters

August 31, 2017: End of registration


Invited speakers

  • Marcelino Agundez 
  • Daniela Ascenzi
  • Ian Sims
  • Philippe Boduch
  • Teddy Butscher
  • Emeric Bron
  • Stephanie Cazaux
  • Cecilia Ceccarelli
  • Ilse Cleeves
  • Viviana Guzman
  • Eric Herbst
  • Sebastien Le Picard
  • Thanja Lamberts
  • Martin McCoustra
  • Jennifer Noble
  • Denis Otoniel
  • Jaime Pineda
  • Ana Lopez Sepulcre
  • Maxime Ruaud

Speakers with a contributed talk 

  • Elena Jimenez Martinez
  • James Babb
  • Timea Csengeri
  • Sergey Ryazantsev
  • Maria Kirsanova
  • Romane Le Gal
  • Markus Roellig
  • Eric Michoulier
  • Marin Chabot
  • Marie Van de Sande
  • José Cernicharo
  • Rémi Dupuy
  • David Quénard
  • Qiang Chang



  • Pierre Gratier (LAB, Bordeaux, France)
  • Nadia Balucani, (UNIPG, Perugia, Italy) 
  • Marco Minissale (PIIM, Marseille, France)
  • Dimitri Semenov (MPE, Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Charlotte Vastel (IRAP, Toulouse, France)
  • Valentine Wakelam (LAB, Bordeaux, France)



  • Cécile Arnaudin (LAB, Bordeaux, France)
  • Anne Dutrey (LAB, Bordeaux, France)
  • Thomas Vidal (LAB, Bordeaux, France)
  • Valentine Wakelam (LAB, Bordeaux, France)




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